Who Will Be The Winner of Sunday’s Big Game? It Could be YOU!

The Big Game is on Sunday and we all have our predictions on who will come out victorious.  Whether you are a New England Patriots fan or a Philadelphia Eagles supporter or maybe you don’t care who wins and tune in to see all the new Superbowl commercials. For Americans this has been a widely celebrated day to watch football, eat food and create special moments with friends and family.  

For football fans, Sunday is all about losers and winners.  On a day that is the highest honor in the National Football League, you want to come out on the winning side.  You may not be a professional football player, taking part in the biggest game of the year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take part in some friendly “Big Game” competition.  Starting at 10am on Sunday, February 4th, Sedona Golf Resort will be hosting their annual “The Big Game Golf Tournament”.  As a guest the cost to enter the tournament is $65. If you are a member , the cost to play is $20.  

The winners of the tournament may not receive the Vince Lombardi trophy, however, you can win prize money along with complimentary lunch! For more information on how to get registered, call Sedona Golf Resort directly at 928-325-1692.

The Big Game Watch Party

The Big Game Watch Party

Super Bowl Sunday is about football, food and fun! What better way to watch the big game then feasting on a buffet in-between plays and commercials. Come by Sedona Golf Resort and for only $12 you can join the big game watch party which includes: chicken and beef rolled tacos, mozzarella sticks (first half), chicken wings, pulled pork sliders, potato skins (second half).  $4 Craft beers served all game long! Kickoff begins at 4:25 pm.
Interested in booking a tee time? Click HERE to view available tee times.

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