Sedona Golf Resort: Dining Among the Red Rocks

Open to everyone, the Juniper Bar & Grille offers a relaxing and scenic Sedona dining experience

Juniper Bar and Grill

Sedona, Arizona features some of the most rare and beautiful landscapes in the American Southwest. The rich sunsets, diverse deserts, and of course, Sedona’s iconic red rock scenery all serve to make each visit something unique.

Most visitors assume the only way to catch a glimpse of Sedona’s glory is by exploring the outdoors while wandering far-reaching mountain trails, discovering the city’s rich art scene, or playing golf, but thanks to the Junior Bar & Grille, there’s no need to end the adventure when hunger strikes.

“We hear many of our guests say, ‘we weren’t sure if you are open to the public,’” said Jeremy Hayman, General Manager. “We definitely are, and honestly, Juniper Bar & Grille offers one of the best dining-with-a-view options in Sedona. Plus, I’d put our kitchen and servers up against anyone in town.”

The Juniper Bar & Grille at Sedona Golf Resort encourages vacationers, visitors and locals alike to take in the breathtaking views of Sedona’s red rocks at mealtime. It’s positioned in the clubhouse, offering stunning views of both the expertly manicured golf course and the surrounding sights, including classic Sedona landmarks like Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. Tee time or not, it’s the perfect place to watch the vivid day arrive before exploring the high desert, or enjoying cold drinks after a round of golf.

Dining on the Grille’s large outdoor patio is a great way to enjoy this unique place, but nothing is missed indoors either. The spacious dining room surrounded by gapping windows ensures great views from the inside on those rare occasions when the weather isn’t cooperating outside.

Although the name – Sedona Golf Resort – may sound exclusive, anyone can enjoy breakfast and lunch every day of the week, or experience a special treat at the grille’s Thursday Night Dinners, a buffet that boasts an alternating selection of dishes sure to suit your fancy. Reviewers praised the buffet’s food, especially the prime rib and blackened tilapia.

Juniper Bar & Grille’s lunch menu also serves a wide variety of food, from light salads to a mouth-watering Angus cheeseburger, while breakfast includes sweet and spicy options, like French toast and huevos rancheros.

And don’t miss out on Juniper’s spectacular bar, boasting fine wines, signature cocktails, and the bar top, locally crafted from Alligator Juniper Tree, gives the restaurant its name.

Katie Draxler, the grille’s food and beverage director, only begins to capture Juniper’s real charm when she says she aspires to “the greatest view… the best food… [and] the friendliest service in all of Sedona.” The Juniper Bar & Grill is a truly unique combination of casual dining and Sedona’s stunning scenery, making it a must for anyone visiting red rock country.

Need to book a tee time? Click HERE.

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