Teachers- They Have The Most Important Job in The World!

Teachers are important to every community on our planet. They contribute to each aspect of society and their influence touches all our lives.  They are shaping the way our children see the world and guiding the next generation. They have the most important job in the world as the future of our communities and societies as a whole is in their hands.

Teachers do so much more than teach, they listen, coach and mentor. Every child has their strengths and their own unique talents. For some students however, it takes time to reveal them and dedication to nurture them. Careful, patient teaching brings out the best in all of us and helps us to fulfill our potential. They equip us for life ahead with the practical skills we need to survive and the communication skills we need to thrive in the adult world.

Teachers are quiet heroes.  Their day begins before their students are even awake and can carry on long into the evening. They work in front of children, the world’s toughest audience with patience and understanding. They do one of the most important jobs in the world for little financial reward.  We think teachers are the quiet heroes of our communities.


Arizona teacher salaries are the lowest in the nation! The mission of “We Value Our Teachers” is to provide grocery gift card grants for teachers in Sedona Oak Creek School District, Sedona Charter School, Desert Star Community School, Clarkdale/Jerome Elementary and Beaver Creek Elementary. In honor of National Teacher Day, Sedona Golf Resort will be hosting its first annual “Tee Up For Teachers” Golf Tournament, Tuesday May 8th. 8am shotgun start, 4 person scramble.  To register or for more information click HERE.

If you can read, write and solve and equation, you know who to thank!


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