Improve Your Game Without Breaking The Bank

The game of golf can be one of the most enjoyable sports played and is considered one the greatest games in the world, just ask anyone who plays.  However, for many newcomers frustration on how to play and how to be good can be overwhelming and eventually discourage someone from playing. Learning something new is always a challenge, that is why it is important to utilize all the resources available.  We understand the cost of golf instruction can be expensive, especially to someone that is not sure whether or not they want to continue with the sport.

Here are 5 cost effective tips that will help any newcomer improve their golf game and create a better understanding and love for the sport.

Pick a Home Course

Having a home course that you play is important.   Getting started as a beginner can be a daunting and often intimidating experience. This allows you to get comfortable with the staff, making it easy to ask the questions you have about the game and the course.
Take a Tour of The Course

You can get a tour of the course either in person or online.  At Sedona Golf Resort, you can view a course map of each hole, which allows you to get familiar with the course before even stepping on the property.

Watch Instructional Videos Online

As a newcomer, you may be hesitant on making an investment on golf instruction. Thank goodness for YouTube.  There are a number of golf instructional videos that will help you improve your game at no cost.  Every Monday morning Sedona Golf Resort, posts their weekly Monday Mulligan.  The Monday Mulligan series was created to provide instructional video with tips that will help improve your game. Each week covers different topics and showcases tips on how to play each hole at the course.  Again these videos are absolutely free, as long as you subscribe to the SGR’s YouTube Channel. Click HERE to subscribe.
Hit The Range

Start on a practice range, not on the golf course. The range is the perfect place to get acclimated to the game.  It is low pressure, and you can stay as long as you want. This is a judgement free zone so don’t worry about anyone else on the range.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate a practice session with a few drinks at the clubhouse bar. Golf is hard, so you have earned it. The Juniper Bar and Grille at Sedona Golf Resort offers an incredible blend of amazing food, friendly service and stunning panoramic views of the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Don’t get discouraged, golf is tough but it is worth the effort. In the immortal words of Arnold Palmer: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening—and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”

To view available tee times at Sedona Golf Resort click HERE.

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