Holiday Weight Gain Is Real

Play Golf This Holiday Season To Burn The Extra Calories

Holiday weight gain is a real thing. The extra pounds you put on between Halloween and Christmas can take more than five months to lose.  Weight gain begins to rise throughout October and November and peaks 10 days after Christmas. All the Halloween candy, Thanksgiving leftovers and Christmas cookies seem impossible to pass up. Don’t worry there are ways to burn off these extra calories and have fun while doing it.

Instead of a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, have a resolution not to gain too much weight in the first place.  Then you won’t have to worry about the five months of struggling. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate special occasions or indulge in your favorite treats.  Just find fun ways to burn the extra calories you are consuming.

Playing A Round Of Golf

Golf is both an enjoyable game, and a way to get in some healthy exercise. While golf may not be the most strenuous sport, like all activities, it does burn calories. Of course, the number of calories burned while playing will depend on whether a player is walking or riding a cart during the round.  A round of golf is equal to an average 30-minute gym session. An 18-hole round over a full length golf course will involve roughly a five-mile walk with quite a bit of arm exercises along the way.

If you walk the course, rather than ride in a golf car, a round of golf will burn probably somewhere around 1,500 calories.  This number can vary slightly depending on the course you play. Some courses are hillier and you will burn more calories than compact flatter ones. Some chose to carry their clubs while others will pull them on a cart. This does not make much of a difference to the golf calorie count. Carrying your bags burns a few more calories but it is literally only a few.

Riding The Golf Car Instead

Sometimes it may be difficult, if not impossible to walk a golf course. Often times you are encouraged to use the golf car to shorten the amount of time it takes to complete the round. Surprisingly, there is evidence that a significant number of calories may still be used up, even when using a cart. An estimated 460 calories burned when playing only nine holes while riding a golf car.

Don’t Be Afraid To Indulge This Holiday Season

Whether it’s played by walking the course, taking the golf car or practicing at the range, golf is a relaxing way to burn off extra calories you may consume this holiday season. Even if it’s just a nine-hole outing. Thankfully, golf is a very high-calorie burning exercise. Don’t be afraid to indulge this holiday season but remember to book that tee time.  

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Holiday Dieting

September is “Appreciation” Month at SGR

Sedona Golf Resort is proud to be of service to those who serve our country. In September, all Active Military, Police, Firefighters and Teachers will be honored for their service. We are thankful for the men and women who sacrifice their lives everyday to protect us and our country. Teachers play an extraordinary part in the lives of children for the formative years of development and the importance of teachers is often overlooked.  

To honor the service and sacrifices of Americans who actively serve in the military, police, firefighters and teachers, Sedona Golf Resort in the month of September will be offering a $40 plus tax after 11am (65% discount) on 18 holes of golf. If you fall into any of these categories, we appreciate all you do for us and to show our gratitude remember to mention your affiliation in the golf shop when you book your next tee time.  

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Monday Mulligan

New Family Tees at SGR

In this week’s edition of the Sedona Golf Resort Monday Mulligan series, General Manager Jeremy Hayman introduces us to the new Family Tees at SGR! Playing a total of almost 3,100 yards, all 18 holes will feature a set of shorter tees for an improved playing experience for families, beginners and players who want to get dialed in with their irons!

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Improve Your Game Without Breaking The Bank

The game of golf can be one of the most enjoyable sports played and is considered one the greatest games in the world, just ask anyone who plays.  However, for many newcomers frustration on how to play and how to be good can be overwhelming and eventually discourage someone from playing. Learning something new is always a challenge, that is why it is important to utilize all the resources available.  We understand the cost of golf instruction can be expensive, especially to someone that is not sure whether or not they want to continue with the sport.

Here are 5 cost effective tips that will help any newcomer improve their golf game and create a better understanding and love for the sport.

Pick a Home Course

Having a home course that you play is important.   Getting started as a beginner can be a daunting and often intimidating experience. This allows you to get comfortable with the staff, making it easy to ask the questions you have about the game and the course.
Take a Tour of The Course

You can get a tour of the course either in person or online.  At Sedona Golf Resort, you can view a course map of each hole, which allows you to get familiar with the course before even stepping on the property.

Watch Instructional Videos Online

As a newcomer, you may be hesitant on making an investment on golf instruction. Thank goodness for YouTube.  There are a number of golf instructional videos that will help you improve your game at no cost.  Every Monday morning Sedona Golf Resort, posts their weekly Monday Mulligan.  The Monday Mulligan series was created to provide instructional video with tips that will help improve your game. Each week covers different topics and showcases tips on how to play each hole at the course.  Again these videos are absolutely free, as long as you subscribe to the SGR’s YouTube Channel. Click HERE to subscribe.
Hit The Range

Start on a practice range, not on the golf course. The range is the perfect place to get acclimated to the game.  It is low pressure, and you can stay as long as you want. This is a judgement free zone so don’t worry about anyone else on the range.

Reward Yourself

Celebrate a practice session with a few drinks at the clubhouse bar. Golf is hard, so you have earned it. The Juniper Bar and Grille at Sedona Golf Resort offers an incredible blend of amazing food, friendly service and stunning panoramic views of the Red Rocks of Sedona.

Don’t get discouraged, golf is tough but it is worth the effort. In the immortal words of Arnold Palmer: “Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the soul and frustrates the intellect. It is at the same time rewarding and maddening—and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented.”

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National Golf Month

August is National Golf month.  To honor National Golf month, golfers are encouraged to share their golf experiences and bring new golfers out to the course.  Golf can be played as a team sport or individual. For August the challenge is to take the time to show someone new to the sport everything they need to know to get started.  Every new golfer needs someone to guide them along the way.

Another way to celebrate Golf Month, if you’re someone who already plays golf, is to get out and play some more golf! Take a moment to stop and celebrate this amazing pastime with whoever you can, your clubs, golf buddies, wife, kids, grandkids, newbies, whoever, just get out and play!

Here are ways you can celebrate the wonderful game of golf.

Play For Something

Put a little wager on your next round to give yourself a little pressure by putting something on the line maybe drinks or dinner.  Paying off your bets have never been easier when you download Sedona Golf Resort’s mobile app, available for free for Android and Apple devices.  Once you download the app, you can load up with GolfCash at varying denominations. There is no better way to pay at the course.  After loading up for the first time is when the convenience really starts. Booking through the app always guarantees the $2 less per player by booking through our app instead of online or over the phone. Sedona Golf Resort  accepts GolfCash payments anywhere from the golf shop, for green fees, merchandise, food and beverage, by simply entering the amount owed into the app and pressing pay.

Play 36 Holes

Get out early in the morning, have lunch and get back at it.  You will always remember the day you played 36 holes.

Hit The Range

If you plan on celebrating the whole month of August by playing more golf, try getting to the driving range and work out the kinks!

Take a Lesson

We are not all “coachable,” but having a pro diagnose your game could do wonders.  Click HERE to learn more about the instruction offered at Sedona Golf Resort.

Book a Tee Time with Buddies

Get in touch with old friends and mark a date on the calendar to catch up while hitting the course.  Booking in advance can save you money. Book directly on the courses website and save. The best rates guaranteed without paying booking fees.  To view available tee times at Sedona Golf Resort click HERE.


Summer of Sweepstakes at SGR

SGR Selfie Contest

For the month of July, Sedona Golf Resort will be running a selfie contest for a chance to win a free foursome of golf.  The best selfie uploaded across Sedona Golf Resort’s social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) in the month of July will earn a free foursome of golf! All you have to do is post a photo using the #SGRSelfie and we will pick the winner at the end of the month.  

“The Players” Pick The Winner Contest

A foursome of golf will be given away to the lucky guy or gal that can guess the winner and his final score.  The person that choses correctly and gets closets to the final score without going over will win. To enter the contest comment your answer HERE.  You have until Wednesday, July 18th at 11:59pm to submit your answer.  Good luck!

Bring a Guest Day

On Wednesday, July 18th at 8am, SGR will be hosting Guest Day! A 2 person scramble with an 8am shotgun.  For more information call the golf shop at 928.284.9355.

Play All Day-2 Person Special

For a limited time Sedona Golf Resort is offering a 2 person “Play All Day” special for only $149 per tax.  Good for tee times made prior to September 30th, 2018.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this great deal, call the golf shop at 928.325.2620 and mention the “Play All Day” Special to purchase.


A Perfect Setting For The Perfect Wedding

Sedona, Arizona is a town founded on love.  The first postmaster T.C. Schnebly struggled to come up with an appropriate name for the community surrounded by iconic red rocks and nestled along the bank of Oak Creek.  Finally, he did the most natural thing of all, he named it after his beautiful wife, Sedona.

The Most Beautiful Place on Earth

The city of Sedona has an assortment of stunning backdrops.  While there are a number of chapels, churches and resorts framed by the red rocks, many outdoor enthusiasts prefer to venture outdoors to tie the knot. Nature’s most beautiful achievements add splendor to your special day at Sedona Golf Resort wedding venue.  The venue is known as one of the most majestic outdoor wedding destination venues in Arizona.

Let Us Help You Plan Your Big Day

Katie Draxler is the Wedding Coordinator/Expert at Sedona Golf Resort.  Her services are included when you host a wedding here at SGR.  She specializes in creating unforgettable moments and weddings that can be tailored around your needs and budget.  We offer elaborate weddings, to simple settings, from traditional to non-traditional. Katie will help you plan your big day whether you are local or from out of state so that you can just enjoy the moment.  

“While everything in Sedona is beautiful-the service provided by Katie Draxler and the staff is what really made our wedding day a dream come true. Katie was ALWAYS available and timely in answering our questions. She made suggestions and recommendations that all worked out perfect” -Alyssa

A ceremony of love at Sedona Golf Resort means the possibilities are endless. Experience the most beautiful day of your life, in the most beautiful place on Earth!

For more information on our wedding packages or to schedule a tour click HERE.

Don’t forget about the Groom.  Check out our Groom’s Golf Packages available by clicking HERE.

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Golf Is Not Just A Game For Dad

Women’s Golf Day, June 5th

Women’s Golf Day, in just its second year, is already a large success.  June 5th, 2018 marks the international event, aimed at introducing the game to women.  This day is designed to engage females of all ages and skill levels to participate in golf and help us grow the game.  We want to empower women golfers (new and experienced) by creating meaningful connections and teaching skills that will last a lifetime.   This day was designed to show support to women around the world wanting to learn more about golf and get more involved.

Historically, Golf was known as, “Gentlemen Only, Ladies Forbidden”.  Well today this saying is not true. That’s not to say golf hasn’t been a sport dominated by males, both historically and in modern times, but all that is changing fast.  48% of women say they want to learn the game of golf! A game deeply rooted in history and tradition, it seems golf is finally starting to see the light. More women are playing golf leisurely and women are being accepted at the professional level.  Golf clubs are changing their ways offering shorter rounds and family friendly clubhouses.

Women should love golf! The sport requires finesse instead of brute strength; it’s social; it’s played in some of the most beautiful settings on earth; its coed; the fashion is great; and cocktails and conversation await the end of every game.  So why aren’t more women playing?

To honor National Women’s Golf Day, grab a female friend and reserve a tee time.  On June 5th Sedona Golf Resort is offering a great deal for women, only pay cart fee all day ($20).  Call for details 928-325-1898.


Click HERE to view available tee times at SGR.

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Escape Record-Breaking Heat in the Valley with a Getaway to Sedona Golf Resort

As of Sunday, May 6 when the temperature rose to 106 degrees, surpassing the 105-degree record set in 1947, the writing was on the wall. It’s going to be a hot summer – time to make plans to escape to Arizona’s high country for golf in Sedona.

An Hour and a Half Away, 10-15 Degrees Cooler

An easy hour-and-a-half trip up the 17 from north Phoenix, Sedona Golf Resort sits at 4,000 feet, which amounts to temperatures ranging from 10-15 degrees cooler than the deserts below. Doesn’t sound like much but it is! Add the ever-present afternoon breeze, and it’s appreciably more comfortable than golf in Scottsdale/Phoenix.

The Golf Experience at Sedona Golf Resort

Cooler temps aside, the par-71, 6,646-yard golf course at Sedona Golf Resort is a pleasure to play. It was designed by Gary Panks to frame the many spectacular views of red-rock country as it moves up, down and through high chaparral dotted with juniper and pinon pines alongside varieties of yuccas and agaves.

The three par 5s on the front side stand out. The 3rd hole, ranked as the 15th hardest, comes in at 506 yards with the best shot of the trio to make birdie. The tee shot is significantly downhill, but the next one, or two, climb back uphill. The 5th hole is a beast at 623 yards uphill the whole way to a huge green complex connected at the hip to the 8th green. Definitely a three-shot hole, the 5th is the No. 1-ranked hole on the golf course. The 9th weighs in 100 yards less than the 5th; it too runs significantly uphill on its way to the property’s highest point – the postcard 10th hole.

The Iconic 10th Hole

“The iconic view from the tee box on the par-3 10th hole has to be one of the greatest photo ops in the game,” said Jeremy Hayman, general manager of Sedona Golf Resort. “The view looking back towards the tee from the green on the 6th hole is pretty special, too. The extra altitude certainly makes for sweeping views as well as comfortable temperatures, but we also can offer things like bentgrass greens that aren’t normally found in the Valley.”

It’s all downhill from the 11th tee. This gives golfers the option of playing something less than driver on the 11th, 13th and 15th holes, while still staying aggressive on the approaches. The 12th hole works downhill with a dogleg left tempting longer hitters to go for it in two, which is definitely a green light with a good tee shot. After all the twists and turns, ups and downs of the golf experience, the golf course finishes with two manageable holes at the par-3 17th and the par-4 18th.

Stay and Play

Given the relatively short drive from Phoenix, most golfers round-trip-it, but those who choose to stay and play have a bunch of close-by options. The Hilton Sedona Resort is only a lag-putt away. The Ridge on Sedona Golf Resort and a couple bed-and-breakfast inns – Las Posadas and Adobe Hacienda – are all within a half-mile of the club, and that’s only a few nearby options.

The quality and convenience of making a run to Sedona Golf Resort allows golfers to play during the summer instead of holding off for the incredible wintertime weather that made the Phoenix/Scottsdale area into one of the most popular golf destination in the world. But when it’s over 100 degrees, the 100 mile trip to Sedona Golf Resort is the smart play.

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